Sequencing by Expansion (SBX™)


Stratos Genomics is Delivering on the Promise of Nanopore Sequencing


Simple and Versatile Workflow

Sample to Sequence Before Lunch

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60 minutes to data / 15 minutes hands-on time

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Synthesize and Purify Xpandomer



222mer Xpandomer Trace

Real Time, High Quality Data


Accurate Base Calls

Clear Results with High Signal-to-Noise Reporters 


Sequence read-out of an Xpandomer using nanopore technology. As the Xpandomer transits through the nanopore, the distinct electrical signal of each base reporter is identified. Reporter transitions are synchronized at 1.5 ms intervals (indicated by )


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Much like with PCR, Xpandomer synthesis is based on the natural function of DNA replication. Stratos Genomics has developed expandable nucleoside triphosphates, called X-NTPs, that are highly engineered substrates for template-dependent, polymerase-based replication. Xpandomer synthesis is based on four X-NTPs, one for each DNA base. Using cutting-edge protein engineering, polymerases were designed to incorporate these modified nucleotides into Xpandomers, exactly copying the target DNA templates. With this elegant advancement, the SBX single molecule sequencing technology will have a similar disruptive impact on the NGS market as PCR did for molecular diagnostics.


Expand How You See DNA

SBX Enables a Broad Spectrum of NGS Applications

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SBX empowers you to do more, from targeted oncology panels and whole-genome sequencing to rapidly diagnosing infectious diseases.