Administrative Assistant

Administrative Assistant

We are seeking a driven, solution-oriented, and self-motivated individual interested in working within a fast-paced biotech startup environment. One of the few positions in the company that is not science-oriented, you will have a unique and important role in daily operations. Expect to have a broad range of responsibilities including, but not limited to, accounting & invoicing, human resources, office organization, event planning, vendor & guest communications, and content management. The ideal candidate will not get overwhelmed by a big task load, but will in fact, revel in it!

You must be available to work from 8am to 5pm, Monday through Friday.


  • Greet, sign-in guests, and escort them to the appropriate meeting room or personnel.
  • Receive, check in, and process all shipments received in lab.
  • Working along with our accounting department to process invoices for PO or credit card payment.
  • Assist in inventorying and ordering supplies.
  • Plan and execute company events.
  • Create, edit, and publish relevant information, blog posts, and job listings on the Stratos Genomics website or other social media sites.
  • Keep the non-lab community areas organized, stocked, and tidy.
  • Develop and propose improvements to processes for the above functions.
  • Other duties as assigned.


  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills with the ability to work effectively and independently in a highly productive environment.
  • A team orientated individual who can be counted on to contribute to our strong work culture. Trustworthiness and dependability is a must.
  • Excellent organizational skills with the ability to implement effective time management and task prioritization.
  • Quickly and effectively interpret directions into appropriate and efficient actions.
  • Strong analytical ability, attention to detail, and critical thinking is required.
  • Strong computer skills, especially with Microsoft Outlook, Word, and Excel.
  • Employ common sense regarding safety in a science lab environment, being mindful of safety protocols and precautions around lab equipment and supplies.

Bachelor’s degree or matriculation with preference to degrees in any of the related scientific fields. Previous administrative experience is not a requirement, however demonstration of ability to perform required skills is a must.  

To apply: send resume and cover letter to (PDF preferred, Word document or text in body of e-mail also accepted).  In the cover letter, please be sure to explain how you will meet the above requirements as well as address the following:

1) Working in a startup environment requires the ability to quickly switch gears to prioritize and complete tasks as they arise. Describe an experience in which you’ve demonstrated this ability.

2) Regardless if you have experience working in either a startup company or as an administrative assistant (or both), discuss three of your assets that would contribute to your role at Stratos Genomics.

3) Explain your interest in working at Stratos Genomics and how your work or volunteer experiences would apply.

4) Stratos Genomics relies on employees with a persistent work ethic; express how you’ve demonstrated your strong work ethic in past experiences.

Qualified applicants that do this best will be contacted.  Only local applicants will be considered.

Compensation: depends on experience (+ competitive benefits).

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