Welcome to Our New Website

To match the simplicity, elegance, and ease-of-use of our DNA sequencing technology, we’ve completely revamped our website. We look forward to sharing the latest news, innovations and advancements as we continue perfecting our Sequencing by Expansion (SBX) technology!

Check out a few highlights of our new site below:

  • Want the basics of SBX? Take 3 minutes and watch our video highlighting the chemistry behind SBX and discover how SBX will deliver on the promise of nanopore sequencing.
  • Keep an eye on this blog - Check back for exciting updates about Stratos Genomics, our employees, as well as highlights and pithy takes from the rapidly advancing field of sequencing.
  • Curious what SBX data looks like? We show real data (slowed down) from an Xpandomer run through our custom nanopore instrument. This data shows the clear resolution of each A, T, C or G base, even across homopolymer sequences.
  • SBX is built around a simple workflow to streamline your sequencing. See how easy sequencing is with Stratos Genomics!
  • We’re hiring. If you’re interested in a fast-paced and exciting career revolutionizing how DNA is sequenced, visit our careers page. We have diverse job listings, from lab assistants to engineers and scientists across many disciplines.

See for yourself what the future of sequencing looks like on our home page www.stratosgenomics.com, from the chemistry of expandable nucleotides to real-world SBX applications.

Want to learn more? Email us at info@stratosgenomics.com or use our Contact page

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Joe Horsman