Stratos Genomics Recruit at University of Washington Science Expo


It’s not easy to explain the intensely passionate drive at Stratos Genomics, but we certainly tried as we stood in front of a long line of University of Washington students one Thursday afternoon. On January 28, 2016, we attended the Science Job & Internship Recruiting Expo at the UW Seattle campus. There we spoke with students at all levels about our cutting-edge DNA sequencing technology, work culture, and career opportunities at Stratos Genomics. 

"We want people to understand how ground breaking our technology is."

At just over 50 employees today, we are a highly productive yet comparatively small biotech startup among other companies present at the expo: Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research, Bloodworks Northwest, and a myriad of other health science- oriented groups had swag and banner bedecked booths along with prize wheels and professional recruiters. While we didn’t bring the “bling”, we came prepared with burgeoning researchers currently working at Stratos Genomics who spoke with students one-on-one about the innovative work that we all actively contribute to, the unique opportunities we offer, and why we love working for our company. 

“Everyone at Stratos Genomics is so passionate, so I found it really fun to go out there and meet people who love science as much as we do” said Meagen St. Louis of the expo. “We want people to understand how ground breaking our technology is. It’s such an amazing opportunity to work for a company that really pushes the boundaries.”

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For three hours straight we met with over 100 bright UW students to discuss what we do and what we offer:

  • The opportunity to build an innovative technology
  • Experience in a fast-paced biotech startup
  • A cross-disciplinary work environment

“We’re working on a big, complicated puzzle, and we have a real opportunity to pull off something that some would characterize as impossible.”

—Marc Prindle, Stratos Genomics Scientist 

As a dynamic biotech startup company developing novel DNA sequencing technology in an extremely competitive space, we absolutely have high work ethic standards. Our talented team of driven scientists, engineers, and researchers have a strong passion and commitment to achieving company goals; they exercise incredible focus and dedication every day. Our interdisciplinary and energetic work environment provides tremendous opportunity for learning and growth, but only for those serious about the pursuit of scientific discovery.

This is what we told each student who handed in a resume that day and this is what we look for in future employees. If you or someone you know want to be a part of revolutionary science, apply with Stratos Genomics today.

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Megan LeProwse