Stratos Genomics at ASHG 2018


While the fall weather turns rainy in Seattle, Stratos Genomics headed to sunny San Diego to present at the 2018 Annual Meeting of the American Society of Human Genetics (ASHG). This was a great opportunity to share our passion for the latest in genomic technologies and to demonstrate how our Sequencing by Expansion (SBX) technology can be used to improve human health.  

We presented data for a clinical application of SBX, sequencing KRAS in ten, blinded, patient FFPE tumor samples. Using the simple SBX workflow, we generated high-quality and accurate sequencing data in less than 2 hours (sample-to-sequence). SBX correctly identified KRAS mutations across all samples, achieving 100% concordance with previous NGS results while accurately and sensitively measuring variant allele frequencies.

This demonstrates how SBX can streamline molecular diagnostics – enabling rapid point-of-care DNA sequencing.

In case you couldn’t make it down to San Diego or missed us at the conference- we invite you to view our poster below

Sequencing by Expansion- A Novel Technology Enabling Rapid Clinical DNA Sequencing
C. Machacek1, M. Nabavi1, J. Tabone1, S. Kritzer1, T. Lehmann1, S. Vellucci1, A. Jacobs1, L. Merrill1, W. Lint1, K. Collins1, M. Kovarik1, D. O’Connell1, S. Keller1, M. Prindle1, C. Cech1, R. Busam1, J. Horsman1, C. Pritchard2, S. Salipante2, B. McRuer1, M. Kokoris1
1 Stratos Genomics Inc, Seattle WA
2 University of Washington, Dept. of Laboratory Medicine

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